Meet Jan Falk


Jan’s Mission

Jan is a graduate of Cedar Crest High School 1980 (Lebanon PA, USA) and proud mother. After 33 years of dedicating her life to serving our Veterans in and out of the Lebanon VA Medical Center, Jan is turning her services to the next generation by making a positive impact in the Lebanon School. Graduated with a B.S. degree 1984 from Temple University (Philadelphia, PA).


Jan’s Stands


Building a stronger community helps students take pride in their selves, school, and families. This is an important step to achieving better attendance & safer schools.

School Tax

Bringing school tax awareness to families and balancing incoming tax dollars means your taxes go to programs you support. These programs create a higher quality of life and education for our students.


Emphasizing healthy eating, exercise, and sports leads to healthier students. Programs Jan supports like the middle school garden project are important healthy learning experiences.

Beyond Classroom

Creating growth and learning opportunities for students beyond the classroom teaches real world lessons. Out of school experiences within the community keep students learning in a healthy environment.


Bringing the same level of commitment to our students as Jan did with support for our Veterans – Let’s assure our children get the best education at every ability level.  Accessibility for all students needs to be a higher priority.

Fresh Ideas

Providing important fresh initiatives for Lebanon Schools – Our children deserve healthy and creative ways to build life long learning experiences.

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